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Xtreme Grip Powsurfer Traction


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Add extra traction to the Custom 3-Dimensional Powder Foam Traction with Tundra Grip – XtremeGrip. A very nice addition for extreme traction for riding in areas with a very wet, coastal snowpack.
XtremeGrip/Tundra Grip is the great addition to our Custom 3-Dimensional Powder Foam Traction for increased traction in even the wettest freeze-thaw conditions. It can be easily cut into any shape and placed anywhere on the foam to enhance your grip. This stuff is extremely “grippy” and a little bit can go a long way.

We recommend a 2″ or 5″ strip down the center of the board. This gives you added traction and still allows you to adjust your footing by using your toes and heels along the raised up sections of the 3D Powder Foam.