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Grassroots Barracuda 3D Powsurfer


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An excellent board choice for coastal snowpacks and areas with shallow, dense or wind affected snow conditions.  The Barracuda 3D 140cm Powsurfer cuts up the hot pow, slush and just about any soft-ish snow condition. Of course it kills it in the powder too. For riders who are looking for the highest performance in all conditions we highly recommend selecting the CDC 3-Dimensional Base.
A long, drawn out nose cuts effortlessly through the snow maximizing speed and float while the set-back, short radius sidecut and slightly flared crescent tail give it tight turning ability and a forgiving ride in variable conditions and shallow or settled pow. Great for weaving tight trees, ripping steep lines, and navigating technical terrain. The Barracuda 3D 140cm Powsurfer can handle the less than ideal conditions extremely well and it turns on a dime.

The CDC 3-Dimensional Base offers the highest level of performance. Our 3-Dimensional Bases are specially designed to give the rider more precision board control and better performance in all conditions. The convex nose transitions smoothly into a double concave at the contact point of the rails, displacing and channeling snow to create better float, more speed, increased leverage to the rail and even better board feel. This enhanced interface between rider, board and snow makes a significant difference in the rider’s board control in every condition and especially when conditions are shallow or variable. More bite in your turns means better response to your movements, increasing agility and the ability to lay even deeper into your turns.