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Darkside Mystery Box

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Are you looking for a surprise?

These mystery boxes are a handpicked selection of awesome Darkside Products.

There are 4 sizes of mystery boxes to choose from.

The bigger the box you order the more items you get.

These mystery boxes are made to be a fun experience for you or a friend!


All products in the Darkside Collection are sourced from high-quality suppliers to ensure the best materials available at affordable prices. Darkside Snowboards strives to maintain a customer-first attitude to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Darkside Snowboards has worked with countless suppliers, designers, and materials. Over the years we have hand-selected the best of each category to ensure that we deliver as expected. Today all of our designs are created in house by our incredibly artistic staff and supporters within the Green Mountains of Vermont. Without the unbelievable loyalty, we receive from our customers we would never be who we are today.