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Blackstrap x Darkside Goggle Cover


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The Blackstrap X Darkside collaboration is an awesome opportunity for us to showcase our unique style and combine that with the comfort and durability provided by Blackstrap. This entire collection is full of accessories that are sure to turn heads this season. 

Goggle Covers 
from BlackStrap help protect the environment while saving your goggle lenses from damage. BlackStrap’s Waste-Zero initiative features products that are made from the remaining fabric left over from the manufacturing of BlackStrap facegear and baselayer.  Whether you are storing your goggles in your gear bag, eating lunch or need to clean your goggles on the lift you will love the versatility of this small tool that was created to first minimize impacts to the environment while eliminating damage to your goggle lenses when not being used!

  •  Made in the USA from Re-Purposed fabric
  •  One size fits most goggles
  •  Lens safe
  • Machine washable