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 Tunes & Repair Pricing

           *All tunes are done on an overnight turn over. Drop off in the afternoon and have it ready to ride an hour before lifts open the following day*

  • Full Tune $60: Get your board back into factory condition! Includes base grind, edge, and temperature specific hot wax by hand. 

  • P-Tex Work: $10 Drip candles to fill in minor gouges on base. Must be sold with a Full Tune. 

  • Edge/Wax $50: Includes an edge sharpening and hot wax by hand. 

  • Wax Only $35: Temperature Specific hot wax by hand.

  • Edge Sharpen Only $15: Get your edges sharpened by our Grindrite or Wintersteiger edging machines. 
  • Tune Punch Card $300: A $600 value! Receive up to ten full tunes on any board or skis. Never expires, no limit on punches per visit. 

  • Base/Edge Repair- Minimum $30 for repair + $60 for a full tune: We can fix almost anything! Bring your busted up skis or board in for an estimate. All repairs are subject to longer turn around times. All base and edge repairs require a full tune upon completion of repair. 

  • Binding Repairs: We have a full stock of parts for all bindings brands we carry. We can usually find parts to fix other brands as well. Cost for repair is Part + Labor. Labor minimum $10. 

  • Boot Repairs: We can repair lacing systems on all major boot brands. All boot repair costs are Part + Labor. BOA Repair will be done for Labor only ($40 easy fix, $50 hard fix).

  Other Services

  • Boot Heat Molding: Get your new boots molded to perfection! Included with any boot purchase from the shop. If bought elsewhere, the cost is $30. Takes about 30 minutes. Please bring your own socks. 

  • Binding Mount: Dial in that perfect stance. Included with purchase of board and bindings from us. $30 charge otherwise. 

  • Binding adjustment: $20. Anything from tightening screws to changing stance. 

  • Splitboard Setup: Get your bindings mounted, adjusted and skins cut to size. $50