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Skullcandy Air Raid Budweiser

Brand: Skullcandy

Year: 2016


$69.97 $99.95
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Party fundamentals - Music. Beer. America’s largest seller of beer
has teamed up with America’s loudest Bluetooth speaker to bring you
the ultimate party accessory. Merging together the two must-haves in
order to fuel a good time, The Budweiser Air Raid is what every
proper party needs to stay loud. Treated with throwback graphics, the
Air Raid holds up to the true meaning of vintage Americana - rugged
and authentic. Our two brands collide to bring a classic beverage into
our muse’s new take on what it means to party.
The Budweiser Air Raid was built as an exclusive offering to our
premier retailers, with less than 1,000 units being produced globally.
Similar to the way the Budweiser brand has been able to stand the
test of time, the Air Raid was engineered to withstand any test you
can throw at it. #StayLoud.
The bluetooth-enabled, portable party-in-a-box #StayLoud
Track Functionality
Switch tracks directly from the Air Raid device for ultimate functionality. Track forward with a single press '+' jointly with the center button and track backwards with a single press '-' jointly with the center button.
360° Sound
Position Air Raid with speakers facing up to experience 360 degree immersive sound. Two 50mm drivers, at 88dB, deliver high-volume intense sound, without sacrificing quality. Air Raid takes 360 degree sound to a whole new loud.
14 Hours of Music
Go harder, longer. Count on Air Raid for up to 14 hours of maximum battery life when used at mid volume, 10 hours at mid to high volume and 5 hours at maxed out volume. To check battery life, double press the center button on Air Raid device to reveal the green battery status LEDs on the side of the speaker.
Drop Proof
Bring it on! Shielded with a steel faceplate and an impact resistant removable silicone boot, Air Raid was created as an unwavering companion for the adventurous soul. Scratches are worn as badges of pride and mud stains add character. Engineered from the ground up, Air Raid was designed to handle relentless and rugged use without compromise.
Water Resistant
Air Raid is resistant to even the toughest of elements: liquid. Air Raid was designed to resist heavy rain and light splashes alike. Nature proof, Air Raid allows you to conquer even the biggest storm. Party proof, Air Raid is your up-all-night, beer friendly speaker (welcoming party fouls). Beach proof, Air Raid doesn’t bat an eye at high tide. The removable boot allows you to wipe away any unwanted liquid splashes.
Air Raid wirelessly connects to any Bluetooth® enabled device at a distance of up to 33 feet without interference. For seamless transition between playback, Air Raid will connect up to 2 Bluetooth® enabled devices simultaneously. At any one time, only one device's audio will be heard through the speaker.

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