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Crab Grab Shark Teeth Red

Brand: Crab Grab

Year: 2016


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Nothing compares to when this pad sinks it’s teeth into your boot.
1 per pack
Dimensions: 3.75” x 5.5”
Simple, clean, and conventional these toothy ovular spikes bite your boot treads for maximum foot hold. The patent pretending “Plasti-Cartilage” material allows your board to flex naturally, and the groove gills allow you to easily cut, customize, and arrange this pad to your exact needs.
Developed to meet the demanding traction needs of Crab Grab team rider Scott Stevens, this design offers riders of all ability levels the perfect traction option. Basically, if it's good enough for Scott, it's good enough for the rest of humanity.
“Nothing works better. You can't argue with science.”
-Scott Stevens
SHARK TEETH Ovular spikes, modeled after nature’s best bite.
PLASTI-CARTILAGE The durability of plastic with the flexibility of cartilage
GROOVE GILLS Flexes with your board to let it bend naturally, and easy to cut & customize.

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