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Anon Mig Goggles Don/Pink Cobalt

Brand: Anon

Year: 2016


$132.97 $189.95
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Spare Lens/Amber
The Pioneer Of Integrated Full-face Protection
anon’s proprietary MFI Technology (Magnetic Facemask Integration) is the perfect solution for protecting your face, and simplifying your kit. The four magnetic connection points make sealing your MFI facemask to your goggle a snap, and provides long-lasting connection on the hill. The reinforced perforated O2 vents keep you fully covered and fog-free making sure you never sacrifice clarity for comfort.
Designed with anon’s Simple Fit in mind, the new Snap-Back* goggle strap adjuster makes running your goggles under the helmet even easier, always making custom style and rider comfort anon’s priority.
*Available on Select Frames and Colorways
Adjust it once, and leave it alone. anon’s no-slip silicone strap* keeps goggles in place so riders can focus on what’s ahead, not behind.
*Available on Select Frames and Colorways
Over The Glasses (OTG)
anon. offers a wide range of frames that can accommodate prescription eyewear worn underneath the goggle, which means never having to sacrifice vision, comfort or style on the hill.
MFI Facemask
Spare Graybird Lens
Micro-Fiber Goggle Bag

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