Rome Anthem Snowboard
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Rome Anthem Snowboard


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For the rider who would rather point it than speed check.  For the rider who would rather lay a clean arc than skid even an inch.  A deck that combines agility to thread it through the tightest line, scream thru the deepest snow, and utterly destroy early-morning cord.
Technology for Pop, Strength and Feel
TurboRods—Carbon Double Barrel: Two carbon rods inside sleeves are milled into the core of the board and anchored only at the end closer to the inserts.  With the tips floating freely inside the sleeves, the nose and tail of the board are able to load pop and transfer energy with more dynamically.
Z-Tech 2.0: A wider strip of Zylon means that the board has less weight, more strength, and more pop for slashes and ollies
What It Does Well
Jump: 8
Jib: 5
Pow: 9
Carve: 10
All-Terrain: 7
More Tech
Airpop Core Matrix
StraightTraix45 Laminate
Collection: Mountain
Camber: Stay Positive: World-renowned pop and agility for riders who want response and stomp
Shape: Directional

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